Ability to change the icon of a device that is not roon ready

Can we pick among different icons for endpoints particularly for the ones that are not roon ready


Some basic possibilities here would indeed be good.

In my case, I use a macmini as a multichannel endpoint.
It is connected to my av amp via hdmi however the icon shows a speaker. I don’t need anything fancy but just some other icon among what roon already has

It’s been requested a few times…

I would also like to able to change the icons for devices that Roon recognizes such as the microrendu and sonicorbiter. Whilst I know what they are others in the house using Roon have no idea and are wondering where the speaker icon has gone when the want to select or change zones. I would rather be able to select from different looking speakers for each zone that more closely reflect the kind of speakers that zone has. This would be much more user friendly for those who have no idea and no interest in what a microrendu looks like or does.

That was pretty much exactly my request. Hidden streamer devices are, to most people, not representative of where the sound comes from or what they interact with to adjust it.

I too would like to have the function to define my own device icon.
My BeoLab 50 speakers are connected to the USB of the Nucleus and I would like to have some nice BeoLab 50 graphics as icon, or the B&O logo.
I can make the graphics image file myself, but roon needs to support me choosing this image file.