Ability To Convert Stereo To Mono For A Device

Hi All,

I don’t know if this feature already exists as part of a DSP setting in Device settings so it is a feature request for now. I intend to build a Roonspeaker out of a spare speaker I have about the place. This will use a Raspberry Pi/DigiAmp+ type combination but I will only be using the L or R output as the speaker is a single channel unit. So I need to be able to configure this device in Settings to convert Stereo to Mono. Is there any setting in Roon that does this? It would be a trivial DSP to implement.

I have briefly looked at DSP settings and the Crosstalk feature would seem the closest but I don’t see how I can configure it for a full Stereo to Mono conversion (100% crosstalk?). It is also a possibility that DigiAmp+ has a link that can be set to do this but it is not mentioned as a feature on the IQAudio website. I probably haven’t looked hard enough…

We don’t have a “Mono button” as such, but see here: Can you set Roon to playback in mono

Hi Ben,

thanks for the instant response. I did see that feature when scanning through the DSP section but it looked rather complicated and not quite the Stereo/Mono button I was looking for. But it can be done according to the link you provided so I will follow the instructions there.

Remember you can save it as a preset, so you only need to set it up once.

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Can this preset be saved on a ‘per disc’ basis?

Hi Alan,

as presets are applied to devices/endpoints I would expect not.