Ability to edit 'Play Count' of individual Tracks

Would love to be able to edit the ‘Play Count’ of individual tracks to more accurately reflect my listening history. Any reason(s) why this hasn’t or couldn’t happen in the future?

I’ve switched the location of my Core a number of times within the last two years and each time my play count and listening history has been completely reset. As someone who does care about their listening history quite a bit, and has a rough history recorded elsewhere, this wasn’t ideal to say the least.

While understandable why this happens, it would be awesome to give the ability to users who care about such things to manually recreate their listening history if they wanted. Some users may even want to include their past and present streaming service, CD or Vinyl listening history.

I’ve tried editing play counts with a tag editor app, but sadly this had no effect within Roon, even though I was successfully able to edit every other piece of metadata with the app.

Haven’t seen a topic for this suggestion since 2018, so thought I’d bring it up again and see what people think.

Sounds like Scrobbling with Last.FM, you can configure that under the user profile in Roon.

That wouldn’t give me the functionality I’m wanting, but thanks for the suggestion.

I’d really like to be able to log my vinyl listening within Roon too.

Before roon i used musicbee.
its a shame that i cant take all my playcounts with me to roon. =(
years wasted.

I have apparently listened to a track in my library for 600+ times… In reality I’ve maybe listened to it like 6-7 times only so it’s clearly some bug - imagine the time I’ve had to spend to address this issue in my last.fm account (at least over there it was possible) - I’ve ended up deleting that track (from TIDAL) and I will most likely have to re-add it from a local source because of this crazy play count. I have migrated from iTunes a couple of years ago and I would love to be able to import the play-count for all imported songs, but at least the ability to manually edit the play count per track should be there IMO.