Ability to Right Click Select/Copy/Paste

I am a horrible typist and I would really like to be able to right-click and select text in the UI. A couple of instances…if I want to correct a name, title etc. in the edit function I have to type the entire text over again, which doesn’t sound like a big deal but when you are editing dozens or hundreds of entries…another time is when I am trying to “fix” cover art, it would be nice to just be able to copy the album title and paste it into a search engine instead of typing it in every time.


I agree Dennis. It would be an improvement of Roon with the ability to select and copy text. For me its not the ability to edit, but the ability look up musicians on the web thats the main reason behind my wish to have this ability available in Roon.

I also agree that right click paste should be allowed, especially in the search bar (for example someone on social media recommends an artist/album and i copy and want to paste it). Ctrl-V does paste, but if i have my hand on the mouse, my keyboard is usually not quickly typable on the HTPC.

AFAIK all the text etc in Roon is actually an image (hence OpenGL) not as “pure” text (someone more knowledgeable correct me ?)

Hence while it appears a simple mod, it’s actually a major redesign.

All the album reviews etc , most artist bio’s are taken from AllMusic where you can “highlight/copy/paste”

Copy in the search bar does work but you need the dreaded Ctr A/ Ctr C / Ctr V combos at least in windows . Us old developers do it that way from habit anyway so I’d never noticed the absence :sunglasses:

Many websites actually lock text so as to protect their copyright content eg News Sites

Absolutely, roon uses what they have described in the past as a sort of games engine to render the screen quickly.