Ability to See (switch to) your private collection as it appears on your drive

I have my private collection in folders according to Genre and you can then drill down to artist and then to each artist’s collection of albums. If you have an idea of what (genre) and who (artist) you want to hear or if you simply want to scroll through a genre by artist to you see something that strikes your fancy…it makes it much easier to do so. Sometime you don’t want to scroll through all the A alphabet artist before you get to B or heaven forbid Y.


Have you tried using Focus to select specific genre?
There’s many, many ways to focus into the sub-set of your collection using it.

Yes. That’s a nice feature. But when scrolling through the artist in a particular genre I would like the ability to browse the level that is limited to the artists names so you don’t have to go through an artist entire catalogue before you get to the next artist. You decided by scrolling through the artist without seeing their albums…which is the next drill down level/

Hi again,

Let me be more specific, have you tried using Focus to select specific genre whilst in the Artists browser?
Does this not achieve what your looking for?

Yes that does. Thank you!

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