Ability to select my favorites from artists Play Icon

Add the ability to play all favorites (my favorites) from the artists home page, when hitting the Play Artist icon. Ex. If I was to select Smashing Pumpkins (whoever you want) from there Home page you have a couple of options. You could just play artists tracks, albums or top tracks. The top tracks is limited to 20. I have 19 albums of theirs, with a variety of favorites selected from almost all of them. So if I could go to there home page select play and then have the option to say play favorites, that would be great simple solution.

I know I can select all tracks, then select favorites, then press play. If I want, I could then bookmark it, but I’d like to see this done without having to go to a spreed sheet screen. Plus, I’d have to make a lot bookmarks for my favorite artists. This would be good feature for any artist, even if you only have a few favorites. You get what you want immediately.

I’ve curated all 29,000 tracks that I have currently. I’d like to hear those more often then others, that’s the point.

Side note, what’s the benefit of selecting the favorite artist Heart on there home page. Do you gain anything from this. I already know who I like. Likewise with albums. I know what I like. I’d rather see 1-5 heart ratings for making better playlists.