Ability to shift-click

It would be nice to be able to shift-click a bunch of tracks to either add to or delete from a queue.

I might be mis-understanding exactly what you want, but it seems you can do that now.
If you have a series of tracks in the queue, right click to the right of the song title, then go down to the last song in a contiguous series and shift click on it (again, to the right of the title) to select all. Or, after the first right click, you can Ctrl-click individual tracks.
You can delete these tracks from a queue, or select Play Now to add them to the end of a queue.
I don’t see a way to cut and paste, like in a document processor.

Doesn’t seem to work for me on Mac, anyhow. It just selects the bottom/last track but not everything in between.

Hold Shift on Mac. Right-click first selection, hold Shift, right-click last selection

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That works, thanks!