Ability to split albums into section

I have a few albums where, on the track listing, the tracks are split/separated into a few different parts. In Roon however they appear as one long list. I wonder if it would be possible to add a feature where the track listing can be ‘split’ into different sections for particular albums. Thanks.

Classical tracks of different movements of a work are grouped and separately selectable. Would allowing the user to specify groups of tracks as a work solve your issue @extracampine ?

Where a single track has separate parts, would it be possible to display them in full, preferably as bullets under the track as per above, even if they cannot be separately played ? That would make the Yes listing below (slightly) more comprehensible:

It depends on the ramifications of specifying groups of tracks as a work. This label applies to classical music, but the track grouping I’m thinking of is a different kind of thing.

One example of many; I have a compilation album (A Psychedelic Psauna [In Four Parts]) that groups the tracks into 4 parts:

Each part has a name, as you can see from the link above.

I would like Roon to be able to group the tracks under these names. Obviously the name itself is not a track, so would not be included (as it is in the “works” layout).

I think editing a this kind of group of tracks as a “work” will not be a good solution because it will have other consequences. For instance on shuffle the entire group of tracks will always show up together and be played through.

I agree Chikolad. What we need is some ability to “group entries” by user-defined criteria.

I don’t know if this is part of the coming build - I have heard mention of better handling of live albums etc so will see.

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