About 16hrs from a definitive decision on M-12. Correct me if I'm wrong on my general assessments:::

  1. Comcast+Modem --> Airport Extreme --> iMac 2017 27" -->
  2. (these are the variables) -->
  3. B&K REF-50 Pre / B&K 200.7 Amp --> JM Lab Electra 927be + Sub Utopia

I received the Node 2i assuming I would go for Brooklyn or DAC+, then at last minute I’m learning the NAD/Blue are so intertwined and the $400 Blue card into an M-10 means I’ll 100% be Rooning and free up the Node for another room in the house.

I will still be looking for the best way to connect Sub, and this would all be easy except for Home Theater Bypass has me a little confused. I guess I would have to run the whole smash thru the antiquated Ref-50 so I have Sub level and it matches the general volume.
I could concede to 2-ch. on the TV & Movies I guess, Surround never impressed me other than people stepping on twigs behind me before a murder is committed.

Amp has XLR which would be dandy except…what about the Sub?
And why the additional 3 modular bays on the M-12? I see an HDMI thing for sale. So, why? This is not an AVR. My B&K is also before HDMI so it’s RCA, XLR or can I use the Optical ports for out to Ref-50?