About identifying albums

Ok, I’m taking the bull by the horns and going through my albums to try and identify the 10% or 1000 albums which are currently unidentified. There are a few things which would be nice to see addressed to help workflow, etc…

And perhaps some are support issues, but I don’t really want support, just some food for thought really for fixing in next issues?

Anyhow, here are my comments based on several hours of identifying…

  1. When Roon does its initial scan why not offer to view all the albums which weren’t identified and fix them in quick succession rather than having to labouriously use the focus feature to effect these actions? I keep having to flit back and forth between the album being identified and the list of albums in focus and find my place again in the focus list for the next one.

  2. Why do very small anomalies in track times cause an album not to be identified? EG, even if 1 tracks differs from Roon’s database by few seconds it causes an album to be passed over for identification. Surely there should be a way to increase this margin of error if all else corresponds such as album art, track listing info, etc? Especially irksome when Roon’s data is way off in comparison to actual fact - eg Iron Man by Bad Plus on Give is actually 6.01 yet Roon throws out I’ding the album because its own data says it should be 11minutes.

  3. How can I overcome this sort of nonsense for itentified albums? Ive just spent a quarter of an hour trying to fiddle with various metadate preferences to no avail (eg preferring file in preference to roon for various track and album attributes)…

  1. Why does this happen?

And yet, clicking the NOTLR button yields this…correct album at the top of the list!

Why not just list the 2nd list in its entirety first of all??

  1. Why does clicking this


go to EDIT album? Why not take it directly to the IDENTIFY album page? After doing the extra manipulation 100 or 1000 times, it gets tiring.