About roon roles

Hi, i have a couple of issues / considerations about roon roles.
let’s see this example

here the files are tagged according to roon rules. but as you see some roles are duplicated. that’s because roon accepts different versions: for example “electric guitar” and “guitar (electric)”. and similar for many instruments.

so, this clearly is not very nice…
i think roon should have some kind of roles equivalences.

then, another point is about roon roles: they are not exaustive, and i don’t get the point in limit them. i think that, for those cases in which roon choices are not satisfying… one should have the possibility to prefer file tags… whatever they are.

so, this post could be under @support, @metadata_issues or @feature_requests

so, no feedback at all?

Hi, @Niccolo_Terzi, sorry for a late reply here. The thing you’re talking about is more like a feature request, and unfortunately we are not handling this properly now. Nevertheless, in the future I think we should make some changes in this area. Current list of roles can be found here.



Yes, i’m aware of the current list of roles.
So, following the Roon KB, users are supposed to tag the files following the scheme:

Artist - Role

the problem is that roon roles are ambiguous… so that, as i have reported, at the end you can get double credits like:
Doran - Electric Guitar
Doran - Guitar (Electric)

you could say: if roles are present, do no tag files :slight_smile:
but this is not a solution: in fact, most of roon credits are at album level: they only say that Doran (just an hypothetical example here) plays guitar in that album, but do not say in which tracks.
While i usually tag exactly the corresponding tracks. so that i can search all the tracks where a certain performer plays.

so: i think that if my tags are more detailed than the ones offered by roon, there must be a way to say: prefer my tags in this album.