About Roon/TAGS roles merging

I’m investigating about what seems to be a common (and wrong) behavoir by of roon about the merging of Roon/TAGS roles.
in my library settings i have:

and in general my files have always a COMPOSER tag, and often a PERSONNEL tag
so, there is a common situation when there are more artists with the same name.
let’s make an example:


here we have a doubled glenn miller: one comes from roon, and is the correct composer:

the other one comes from the file tags. in general, the tag composer is correctly identified with the correct one.
BUT when there exists another artists with the same name, roon decides to add it to the credits. in this case, there exists another glenn miller:

who should be this one:

if i change the composer tag with the complete name “Alton Glenn Miller” then roon accept it and identify with the correct “glenn miller”.
but this is not really a solution: i mean… locally yes, it is. even though i don’t want to re-tag my files using a non-common name like “Alton Glenn Miller”.
besides, in many cases there’s not a second name that helps to “convince” roon we are talking about the same person.

this is just an example, but my impression is that this is a sistematic behavior, quite illogical.
the logical behavior should be that in an album same name = same person.

there could be a problem here, though: the case of 2 persons with the same name in the same album. in this case, it would be difficult for roon to make the identification (i have only one example, a santana album with Chester D. Thomson and Chester C. Thompson…)

anyway, i ask advice to the @support staff about what should be the best practice at users side.