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I have only just adopted Roon, and what a time to join, wow! After a couple of tense moments everything is working and working well, thank you!

But, this community is wild! I have been involved with forums for several years and this is the first cohort that I have experienced that are ready to turn on each other at the drop of a hat.

To quote Nick Lowe, “What’s so funny, ‘bout peace, love and understanding “.

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You asked for the reasons why I decided to discontinue the Roon subscription.
The main reason is related to slight disappointment with the recent upgrade.
I noticed that I was not the only one who was waiting for improved cooperation with Tidal and especially the addition of “My Daily Discovery” feature visible in Roon. Checking what is proposed to me on daily basis is my habit now if not yet an addiction. Unfortunately, I need to use other software to be able to get my daily proposals streaming. I will keep checking if that is improved and I will for sure consider coming back.

Hi Danny, I think one area where Roon lags behind other streaming services is in content curation and playlists. One way for Roon to supercharge itself in this area is with OpenAI.


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