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Good to have it in a separate sub forum. Do the team want to know of all metadata issues?

Actually what I meant to ask was - do the team want to know about all albums that Roon does not recognise (and which are therefore “unidentified”? Or is this seen as par for the course, with the plan for future improvements in the database Roon uses?

same question as posted above…how do we resolve these metadata omissions…in my case solely classical?

Do we post to this thread with the albums that aren’t responding with any metadata. I will always question why your editing feature doesn’t simplyl allow a user to override your data completely and especially on a “Composer” label.
Album in question

Perhaps its my eclectic taste in music, but I can’t BEGIN to count how many albums I have pulled up to play where there’s no metadata. Lots in my personal library, but surprisingly, a lot of what I listen to from Tidal also shows up with zero information about the band or band members. I know there’s a lot of data in many cases, since some of the musicians are personal friends, and I’ve seen their biographies and discographies.

The problem is not just classical. If you get out of the old master jazz musicians, odds are good there’ll be no metadata. For contemporary jazz musicians, again there’s a small number of “super famous” ones where metadata shows up, but the journeymen? The up and comers? Often empty. I had a situation recently where Roon said, hey, spotlight on this jazz guy… who just happened to appear on over a dozen albums in my collection alone, including one of his own, and a couple rock albums… and not a line of metadata.

I’m a regular listener to Radio Paradise, and an enormous number of people that they play that you won’t hear on the big commercial FM stations show up on Roon with no metadata. If the band is a top 10 from the 60s through 2000s, there’ll be metadata. It’s the underground or “never #1 but weeks in the top 100” bands that metadata gets thin - EXACTLY where it would be most amazing. In fact I’d suggest that as a way for someone interested in testing the complaints to do so. Take a two hour playlist from Radio Paradise and check it out on Roon. Even the classical, Dixieland, and big band stuff that creeps into their playlists will show up empty.

I can’t believe it has been 4 yrs since anybody has had an issue with metadata. I do! I have one: I have read the last paragraph on merging two discs. For the very life of me I am still not able to merge two, and more completed discs together. It is just the last step. Roon has placed the two discs side by side, that’s a great improvement. Thanks! But it is my turn to merge them. Help please. Operas
I want to forward another complaint: while grubbing around on these topics I CANNOT listen to my music! I can shrink the active music page and listen while I go about my business.
Lastly, help me find your reply. Over the years I have lost enough answers to give up trying. I realize that the reason I am excited enough to mention my problems is that I have received my answers through email. So, here’s my email address: [redacted]