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I am trying to set up M-CH music from my Nucleus to my Oppo 205 using the HDMI out from the Nucleus to the HDMI IN on the 205.
I added a 5.1 file to my library (Diana Krall- Girl in the Other Room) from a ripped SACD. File is in DSD (.dsf).
In the Nucleus I ‘enabled’ HDMI. I went into device setup and set it to DSD over DoP and 5.1.
Set the Oppo to the HDMI IN input, set my processor to the oppo HDMI input and played the 5.1 file in Roon, but I get no sound. The file seems to be playing- it shows the progress going across the song timeline on the bottom of the page (not sure what it’s called). If I put my TV to the Oppo input I see the Nucleus information at the top left-hand corner. This info looks a lot like the display I got when trying to set up a JRiver Nuc unit- Linux?
If I press the Oppo ‘info’ button it shows :
Which should be correct but I’m getting no sound. No static, nothing, just silence.

Should this be working?? Should I be able to send out M-CH from the nucleus?
Am I missing a setting somewhere??

My Nucleus doesn’t see the SSD 1 terabyte I installed and won’t download my music.
Also it doesn’t see my Melco N1A. My SIM Moon DAC sees the Melco and I have to use it to access the music.
I was hoping to download the music I have stored there and eliminate it.
Thanx for your help.

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