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Discussion about QNAP and Synology NAS products.


Thanks Danny. This will be so much easier to follow.


Yip, any chance all the nas related discussions can be moved from the Linux subforum to this one ?

(Chris ) #4

Just ordered a Qnap TVS 471 and a SSD drive. Now all I have to do is set I up.
As I await delivery I am backing up my Roon folder to a memory stick.
This takes some time.
I may be back for advice if things don’t go to plan but the Knowledge Base looks good so far.

(Anthony Smith) #5

Reference the recommended QNAP configuration of a 4 bay NAS with Bay 1: SSD with Roon Core; Bay 2 & 3 with 6TB hard drives Raid 1 for data and Bay 4 for Backup.

Has anyone got a bit of an idiots guide (this me!!) on how to configure this using the QNAP software.

At the moment I have all 4 bays configured for RAID 5 and don’t really understand how to stare agin with the configuration recommended.


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