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Hi Vova,
my biggest concern is that I have a lot of drop out’s when playing from Roon. Tidal works fine. Qobuz Web app is also fine. Only playing Qobuz via Room has this symptom. The drop outs (30sec +) happening when I’m spooling forward or jump directly to the next track. Internet connection is fine. I’m currently using the HiRes Qobuz subscription.

Qobuz integration with Roon working perfectly. Radio chooses both from my local library and from the Qobuz universe. Seamless and I love it. Besides clicking around until I see the “Flac 24/96” designation (rare in my server library) is there an easy way in the Roon interface to know it is a Qobuz track playing? Maybe a large “Q” icon would be good when viewing the Queue screen?