Accept Bitcoin/Litecoin for payment

Not sure if this has already been canvassed, but I believe it is something you guys should look into.

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it’s so volatile, why would anyone do that ?

NY Times had a recent article where a business analyst admitted he had been wrong saying Bitcoin wouldn’t amount to anything. Not because they became a currency, a medium of exchange. But because the thing people love more than a stateless currency is a casino.

But if I were running a business like Roon, I wouldn’t engage in casino stuff.


Another payment method? Nobody says Roon has to hold the currency. There are a ton of fiat off-ramps available to businesses out there. That argument ceased being a consideration years ago.

Or you could pay them in coconuts and they could on-sell those… brilliant !


I guess you missed what I said, “[t]here are a ton of fiat off-ramps available to businesses”.

AFAIK, not the case with coconuts. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though.

EDIT: If you don’t understand cryptocurrencies, don’t worry about responding here. They can be complex to newcomers and there’s no shame in that. I do suggest you check out Bitcoin’s Wiki, and possibly Ethereum’s as well, for a great crash-course on crypto.

Yes I am well aware of Crypto, I own a small amount. I don’t find them complex myself.

Anyway good luck with your suggestion on Roon accepting it as payment :laughing:

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Aside from these arguments Back and forth — why?

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Note that this reply could also appear last year.

That is exactly why such currency is ideal for real estate!

Mobile app could display cryptic notifications like lines from movies:
It’s Only Money or There is no spoon. :money_mouth_face:
Or some other random news:
Tuna sells for $1.8 million in first Tokyo auction of 2020