Access my Roon Server from the office

I have a question, I need to be able to access my Roon Server from the office to be able to play my music on the PC (the Serevr is at home), I have a fixed IP and Domain name… Is this possible?
Thank you

Roon now supports this with Roon ARC, but it plays back to your phone or tablet running the Roon ARC app, not a PC. You can attach a DAC to your phone and go from there.

Roon ARC requires Roon 2.0 on your Roon core.

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@Josep_Manel_Pallas, welcome to the community. As of now, the only option to play from the Roon Core server remotely is via the mobile ARC application. This requires setting some permissions on your home router to allow your mobile device using ARC to communicate with the Core. Have you looked at the ARC application information here:

and here:

Some users have had issues accessing ARC over their company’s WiFi network, but the mobile connection should work in most cases. This remains a mobile device-only solution for now.

Roon has stated they are looking at what it would take to enable this on their other mobile and desktop applications, but there is no schedule for that currently.

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If you’re familiar with the technology, setting up a VPN might also be a solution I think.

It is - but it needs to be the right sort of VPN - I have softether working as detailed elsewhere on the forums - but many VPNs don’t work with roon. Even when it works - it isn’t 100% reliable. The roon apps were designed to work over a lan - not a wan

ARC is a lot easier to set up - and works far better over a wan.

ZeroTier worked well for me for many years