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Hello Roon Labs,

I was wondering if it’s at all possible to somehow access my music library when not connected to the network. The reason I’m asking is one of my favorite past times is traveling to new places and perusing the music stores and with any luck finding some New treasures! I have well over ten thousand CD’s and digital music files and way more than that in vinyl…it’s a little difficult keeping up with what I have, how well it is recorded, what condition it’s in etc…I have quite a few duplicates and duplicates of my duplicates. I’ve been collecting music for well over forty years, so hopefully when things get back to normal-ish I can get back to what I love doing and with your help, do it way more efficiently.


From a ongoing thread for almost 4 years -

Just a suggestion. You might consider They have a music collector app that I use on my phone when I’m in a record store.

Collectorz is a mixed bag for me. I’ve got all of my Vinyl on Discogs, but it’s not wonderful for indexing classical records. I’ve started using Music Collector to manage my Classical Vinyl but there is no mechanism to import any of the classical metadata so all of this needs to me manually entered. It works fairly well, but it you can tell this was developed for CDs rather than records. There is no way to manually specify track numbers and there is no concept of A and B sides. I’ve gone back and forth with support over this and have put in a few feature requests to make this easier to deal with, but it’s frustratingly kludgy. Unfortunately it’s the best that I’ve been able to find so I’m living with it.

Yes, I agree it’s really for popular music. They have their own metadata store, but it is user sourced so there can often be limited depth. ie: musician credits, composer credits, producer and engineer credits are frequently lacking. But it’s the best out there for handling sheer volume and is somewhat customizable with the ability to add user defined fields.

I was an early user of Collectorz & did manage to catalogue some 2500 cd’s. When it came to my vinyl it seemed too big a chore, as it was around about then that I began digitising my cd collection. So, doing both was just too much work. My vinyl is ‘catalogued’ at home, I felt ensuring all of my metadata for my digital music was more pressing at the time.

Haven’t used it in years, in some ways I could easily set up my own database if/when I ever get around to cataloguing my vinyl.


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