Accessing QOBUZ on Roon ARC 2.0

Roon ARC presentation (Roon ARC - All your music, everywhere you go) says:
“Roon ARC connects you to all your music – offering mobile access to your entire library of files alongside integrated streams from TIDAL and Qobuz – so you can continue to explore and expand your music collection wherever you are. All from a single mobile app…”
And Roon ARC FAQ ( :
“ARC lets you browse your library, play local and streaming content, download local media to your phone, and update your collection by adding albums, building playlists, setting favorites, tags, and more.”

I could not find the “Browse” function to access Qobuz new releases on Roon ARC 2.0, as available on Roon Remote. How do you do that?

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There’s a “New Releases for you” section on the Home page of ARC:

Yes, this function does seem to be missing. You can get some new releases from the “New Releases for You” section, but the Qobuz browse function is very useful in exploring/discovering new things.

I also use the Qobuz “grand selection” and “press awards” sections among others.

I hope Roon will add these bits to ARC in a future release.

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This isn’t quite the same thing. I think it’s derived from Roon’s knowledge of new releases biased by your listening history.

Instead what the OP is looking for is the Qobuz-curated list of new releases in various categories. Their curation does add some value that isn’t in the Roon “for you” list.



Browsing Qobuz and Tidal is essential, please add!

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I agree! Qobuz menu in ARC is essential, within my own home network, and especially when outside (e.g. public transport). Please add.