Accessing ROCK NUC over SMB on linux

Hi there,

I usually access the storage (over ethernet) attached to my NUC over SMB on Linux Mint via smb://rock/data. I then use free files sync to copy from my NAS to my NUC.

However today, I can’t access the NUC and I don’t know why - I get an error “could not display “smb://rock/data””. I can access via a web browser and an IP, the IP itself is static. I can also play music normally.

How can access my NUC via SMB?

Edit - I just realised I have had this problem before in July this year and I posted about it however I am not sure it helps much as I was’nt sure how I solved it then!

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Can a Linux guru on here help please. I am also in need of an answer, in my case specifically accessing my NUC server running ROCK using Linux Mint. Thanking you in advance.