Accessing the Roon Database on your sonicTransporter

I have been getting requests to access the Roon database on the sonicTransporter. There are two reasons users want to do this.

  1. to backup the database
  2. to move a database from an existing Roon Server

In this post I’ll cover how to do this.

Expose the Roon Database

Before you do anything else you must expose the Roon database to a file share.

Be careful! Once the database is exposed it can be deleted or destroyed.

  1. Go to the sonicTransporter web user interface from
  2. go to Settings -> Roon Server
  3. check “Expose Roon Server database” and press save changes

Access the Roon Database

Once the Roon database is exposed you can get to it from a file share

  1. go to your network folder and select the sonicTransporter
  2. there will be a new file share called RoonServerDB

Backup the Roon Database

  1. Use a zip program like 7-zip and add all the files from the RoonServerDB to a zip file
  2. store this file in a safe location

Move a Roon Database to your sonicTransporter

  1. Go into Roon and remove your watched folders (you should “remove”, as opposed to “disable”)
  2. Stop the Roon Server on your computer
  3. Go into the sonicTransporter and stop your Roon Server (Apps -> Roon Server -> Stop Roon Server)
  4. Delete all the files in the RoonServerDB folder
  5. Copy the Roon Database files over from your computer
  6. If you are going to move your music files to the sonicTransporter do that now.
  7. Start Roon Server on your sonicTranspoerter (Apps -> Roon Server -> Restart Roon Server)
  8. Go into the Roon app an log into the sonicTransporter
  9. Add in your watched folders

Note: if your watched folder are on a NAS you will need to enter your NAS username and password even if you did not need to do this on your PC/MAC.


Thanks Andrew - all done without any hiccups.

Couple of points for noting:

  • I did need to reboot the sonicTransporter a couple of times during the process (only took a few seconds)
  • I had to perform an update to get the expose database option to show up
  • I switched the expose database option back off again once I had finished

Hopefully it all goes smoothly for everyone else who does this

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for these instructions.

But I have a problem using them: when I go to the roon server settings page I have only one option: “enable local playback in Roon Server”. No other options to choose from.

Please advise.

Thank you.


Sounds like you have an older version of our software. Press to update button to update to the latest code.

Thanks, seemed to have worked smoothly now.

One small additional question: what is the “enable local playback” option in roon server settings?


Enable local playback will allow Roon Server to playback to a local audio device.

Hi guys

Just a question about these instructions.

So if you have a sonicT with internal storage supplied, and you want it acting as a NAS (where I am copying new music from an iMac to the sonicT’s internal storage over time), then does “Expose Roon Server database” need to be enabled at all times?

I may be getting"Roon Server database" confused with my music files itself (apologies in advance if I am).

Maybe a better way to ask my question: is it possible to copy new music to the sonicT (with internal storage) from an iMac/PC over the LAN network, without enabling the option "“Expose Roon Server database” ?

Note also, my library in Roon is a “watched folder”

Many thanks in advance

you can add music to your sonicTransporter. Just look for it in your network folder. put the files in files/music/flac and then will show up in Roon automatically.

Thanks Andrew - and to do this, there is no need to enable the option “Expose Roon Server database”?

The “Expose Roon Server database” options allows you network file sharing to the Roon database. This is not required for normal operation.

Thanks Andrew

I’m going to finally do this…
I recall somebody (@Danny?) mentioning that if we copy the Roon database to another computer, and leave the other computer running, there will be confusion because there will be two Roon servers on the same network.
Is that correct?
If so, can I fix that by leaving my original NUC off, logging into Roon on the SonicTransporter, renaming the Roon server, and then restarting the NUC? Would this give me two non-conflicting Roon servers on the network?

I know, I can just try, but easier if you know the answer.

You just need to move your database over to the new box.

You can uninstall Roon from your old box once you are done.


As I prepare for 1.3, I need to do this backup process, I guess. My one question has to do with the Roon instructions which specify stopping Roon Server while doing the backup. You make no mention of that in the above directions. Is that not necessayry on this device, or do I also need to stop and restart the Roon Core software?

If you follow the links through to the backup instructions you will see this.

Backing Up
Close Roon (or RoonServer – whatever is running your Roon Core)
Navigate to your Roon folder - details about finding your Roon folder are below
Copy your entire Roon folder to your backup location
Restart Roon

So yes close to stop your Roon Server first.

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Hi Andrew,

I followed the instructions listed in the first blog on this chat and now I’m ready to point the Roon server on my sOI5 to my portable hard drives attached to my MS7 PC. The sOI5 and the PC are on the same network. My problem is when I go into Roon -> Add Storage Location -> Folder (Browse) -> Choose Music Storage I do not have an option to point the Roon server to my PC. I’m offered Sonictransport, Add Network Share, or New Folder. I’ve clicked on each and none appeared to allow me to point to my portable hard drives. What am I doing wrong?


Typically you would attach the USB drive directly to the sonicTransporter. If you want to keep it on your PC you would need to share it on the PC end.

If you are still having problems please contact me directly for support. Go to and click on contact us.

Andrew, just bought the i5 from SGC and have been trying to move my roon core to the i5. In roon, I can only see the diaable command for my watched folders; no remove. where in roon, do I go to copy the roon database files? will I need to copy to a zip file and will this include my music files. Do I then paste into the i5 in the RoonServerDB folder. My watched folders on in my 2009 iMac that I’m trying to move away from. I have an internal 1TB storage in the i5. Can I just set my new watched files to be in the SonicTransporter? Any and all help much appreciated

Do you need to move your database? You only need to do this if you have made metadata edits or have a lot of playlists.

If you want tech support please use the contact us button on the Small Green Computer web site.