Accessing the url directory

I am a newbie. Maybe I’m stupid but I cannot find the url directory for Internet radio. I want to find rge urls of some Calm Radio channels. Thanks.

Browse>Live Radio

Stations you save are in Library>My Live Radio

Or just search for calm radio and scroll down to the bottom

(PS looks like we could do with a few more - any in particular?)

Many thanks Brian W.

I am indeed stupid. What is the link to Library>My Live Radio. I couldn’t locate it using Find.

I am looking for 3 Calm Radio urls:

I’ve added the three stations. Please check.

I’m not clear what you mean here. My Live Radio is where you can add your favourite stations so as to return to them easily. Just click the Add to Library tab next to the station logo in the New Playing screen

I think the problem is you haven’t found Roon’s top level “maser” menu yet. It’s the top left icon that looks like a hamburger.

Hamburger (top left icon) → Live Radio → Music → Scroll Down → Stations → View All → Funnel → “Calm Radio”

I only found 1 Calm Radio station. I’m sure there must be a way of getting there with fewer steps and I would like to know as well.

You are right Tony. The interface is not very intuitive. Now when I click on the hamburger from this forum and click on the category “Live Radio”, I still cannot find your sub-category “music” anywhere. I am unable to escape from the forum.

Sorry about this and thanks to all for the help.

You’re in the wrong app.

You should be in Roon, not the forum.

@Tony_Casey. Something funny there. I tried that, and added calm as a filter and also found just one. However, searching via the magnifying glass finds them all.

I need to investigate…

Ahh, I think I know why. There is a limit to the number of stations in the downloaded list of a category. Sorting etc applies to this hidden list. Not all music stations are in that list and so applying a filter doesn’t pick up the missing ones.

If you go to classical after music you’ll find them.

I still think the magnifying glass route is best.

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Yep. I get 4 of them and a few others I wouldn’t have thought of. But that’s good.

Should be five…

I’ll add some more when I get round to it

Indeed 5. Not counting well today.

Very many thanks. I have downloaded the app retreaved the streams and inputted them to my set.

It would be great if you could add 1 additional stream - Calm Radio chamber

Excellent. Does that mean your Roon setup is up and running?

I’ll add the extra station later today.

Calm Radio Chamber Music added.

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