Accessing USB Storage in ROCK

Hi guys,
Just as a test, I’ve managed to get ROCK running on an old i5 Lenovo X240 and so far so good, it plays, no errors. I am aware it’s not supported but I wanted to give it a try before I drop 500 euro’s on a NUC.

However, compared to running Roon server on Windows, I now miss the ability to use remote desktop and network shares to access the USB drive connected to ROCK.
Is there a way to access my USB HDD from another PC to copy new music to it or do I have to shutdown the server, unplug the HDD and connect it to the PC I want to copy files from?

I assume unplugging the USB drive while ROCK is still running is not a good idea?

Thank you in advance!

Can I split TIDAL and my local library from each other in Roon?

Just access the drive using File Explorer accessing ROCK over the network… E.g., here’s what I see accessing the internal HDD in my ROCK NUC:

What do you mean by this? The TIDAL section in Roon is looking at the online TIDAL service only, so it is separate from your local library.

If you’ve added albums from the TIDAL service to your library, then they are included in your library collection, but you can always use the Focus feature in the Album and Track browsers to view only your local albums or only the TIDAL albums that you have added.

That’s indeed the case, Geoff. I have my own albums in Hi-Res in local storage and they overlap with the same album from Tidal that’s in my favorites.

My Windows PC doesn’t find ROCK as a device in network, could be one of the things why ROCK is NUC optimized. A bit weird since I can access the 192.168.2.xx page showing the status of my ROCK server.

Microsoft has buggered up the networking in Windows 10. Enter \\ROCK\ in the address field in File Explorer, and it should find it. Sometimes Windows 10 finds things on the network, and sometimes it doesn’t…


You might need to follow this advice also…:

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Oh wow, it’s indeed what you’d call ‘buggered up’…entering the IP address gave an error but using \ROCK\ as path works just fine!

Yeah - I’m beginning to despair of Microsoft. There have been too many stupid mistakes made by them recently to make me feel comfortable.

That’s another reason I wanted to try how ROCK runs - no forced updates that, at some point, will force restart the computer anyway. I have to say so far it runs smooth, even though the main drive is a 7200RPM HDD…tracks load almost immediately.

I can also confirm that enabling SMB 1.0/CIFS support through Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Add/Remove Windows Components made ROCK appear on my device list!