Acoustic Sounds 32 are closing their download store

Acoustic Sounds are closing their download store, blaming streaming and Music Modernization Act and everything download is 20% off. Looks like a good deal, 5 years from now we can sell them at triple the price (they will be extinct and rare by then)…

I see the sale but not any notice the store is closing down.

Where did you see this?

On Facebook?

BTW - Not the whole store.

Email. The download store only.

Ugh…this is terrible news :frowning: I really like the DSDs of the Kevin Gray Blue Note albums and recent ones from the Impulse catalog. I’ve got a long wishlist that I’ve been steadily knocking out. Guess I’m going to have to splurge before they are gone!

Hopefully their files will be licensed for sale at another site at somepoint, although this is a bit complicated: both AP and record label rights have to be purchased.

I was thinking that too but didn’t take any chances. Not an expenditure I needed after the holiday spending spree but…now they are in my collection and they are amazing. I don’t do vinyl so this is as good as it gets for me.