Active Crossover with DSP Engine Convolution

Hi All,

did anybody already have been successful in setting up an active crossover with the convolution engine in Roon?

I just tried, but only got strange results.

Is this finally possible at all?

Ok, assuming, that I have an output device with e.g. 8 channels like a typical professional multichannel DAC (e.g. Lynx Aurora, Focusrite Rednet …) how do I have to configure this in Roon?

I assume, that on Windows, you have to use ASIO for multichannel, as WASAPI always creates only pairs of stereo which are shown in Roon as different devices.

If I chose an ASIO device, how do I have to configure the device in the device settings for a multiway crossover configuration?

Which device configuration do I have to use?
Which channel layout?
Which multichannel mixing strategy?

I tried it with a 5.1 setting, which would fit for a 6-way crossover, because any other configuration creates a channel mapping in the output path, which does not seem to fit.

My config file looks as follows and was accepted by Roon:

96000 2 6 0
0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0

For convolution, I used filters created by Acourate (I tried dbl an wav mono files), but the output is only a distorted noise.

So what am I doing wrong? Are there any other aspects I have to watch out?

Thanks for your help

Additional question:

Does the channel layout choice mean, that only 8 channels of an audio device are accessable by Roon?


Nobody here with experience of that kind?

Dear Roon Team,

sorry, if I start to be annoying or boring with this issue.

Ok, I now have been successful in setting up a 2x3way system correctly so that the filters worked.

But how can I address more than 8 ways/channels?

As far as I understoond, the number of channels sent to the playback device is set by the channel layout, whose max value is 7.1(=8) channels.

Is that correct? And if yes, why is it not possible to address the whole number of channels of an audio device?

In the procedural EQ there is an option to show all channels in the ‘mix operation’, but mixing to channels higher than 8 does not show any effect. Why?

I really appreciate any advice or explenation, as I would love to use the dsp engine for more than 8 channels.

Thanks in advance


I use HQplayer primarily as a convolver for crossovers generated in Acourate, and Roon as source.

What is your setup for getting crossover to work with Roon? Multiway filtres does not seem to work. Do I have to assign one for each channel?


Hi Fredrik,

not neccessarily.

I tried different combinations and was successful with mono wav filters as well as with stereo and a multiway (6ways) filters.

What I found out is, that the number of channels in the configuration file obviously must not exceed 8 channels.
(Still hoping, that there is a possibility to leverage this perceived limitation.)

Hi Matthias,

nice to hear, that it’s working :wink:

But what i don’t understand is: when you startet your thread with the problems you had just 6 channels but it was not working. What has changed, that it works right now?

Thx and greetings


See this post by Brian about using the generic IIR filter in DSP Engine/Procedural EQ to port an analog crossover to digital.

Thank you for your response, @andybob.
But honestly I do not understand the context to my questions above.

Perhabs you can give me a little hint :wink:

Hi Christian,

Unfortunately, I cannot reconstruct the determing factor for making the filters work now.
I changed my server from Linux back to Windows and changed some other things and after that tried it again.

I’m very happy that it works now.

However I’m still looking for a solution to address more than 8 output channels.

I don’t know the answers to your questions, but believe that the DSP Engine is limited to 8 channels.

The context of my post is that if you want to build a digital active crossover and know the values of an equivalent analog crossover then you can use the link in Brian’s post to port the analog crossover to IIR filters in the Procedural EQ section which will be more exact and efficient than eyeballing Parametric EQ.

Can anyone confirm that the Lynx Aurora(n) will work with a streamer via USB with Roon? Volume control too?

yes. it works well