Add a drive to a NUC running ROCK

Hi sorry for asking this question the 1000 times (-:
I have a NUC running ROCK. It has only one disk.

I would like to play some DSD files I have downloaded. Do I buy an external USB 3.0 disk or can I use a USB flash drive?

Right now I am only streaming from Tidal using a Minidsp SHD Studio as RAAT

Is the drive in the Nuc the M.2 or Sata?

Depending on the Nuc, you can add an internal SATA ssd for your music files, or an external USB drive. Either one will work.

You can use either an external USB Hard Drive or a USB Flash Drive. I would format them as exFAT. Load the music on them from a PC, plug them in, in Roon go to Menu/Settings/Storage and add it as a watched location.

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