Add ability to edit Play Counts

I have some songs that have some large play counts for some reason? I know some are due to using certain tracks for testing purposes but some I have noticed large play counts and I do not recall them ever being played that often(40-60)? It would be nice to be able to adjust these.


I migrated from Sooloos to Roon … and the one disappointment I had was losing many years of play history.

I can still fire up my Sooloos system and would love to be able able to update Roon to reflect.

That said LastFM also has played history, so for me at least an alternative would be for Roon to be able to sync with LastFM.

i’d like to bump this request.
as it is, besides the main core at home i’m also listening in the car, at work using a second core and on the move. Having decided to give even the most obscure albums at least a second chance, i would like to edit the play count of albums that i’ve listened to while away from home in roon to keep track.
i’m fully aware that my use-case is niche and that i could archieve something quite similar using custom tags, but the actuall play count matters to me and i wanted to add one more use-case to the other requests having been made over the years.
i’m not sure if the ability to edit the play count on streamed-tracks could be used to manipulate streaming statistics, so i’m humbly asking for the abitily to edit local media play counts only.
regards, c

Another vote to edit play counts.

Import Play counts from iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, et al,
Import Play counts from a CSV file.

Thank you.


I’ve just found this after trying to work out how to change the play count on individual tracks. I’ve a couple of albums with higher numbers on the first track because for example I started listening to the wrong album version. So this feature would be great, thank you.

I would also like to see the ability to edit play counts.

Bump for this old timer, I would also like to be able to adjust the play count of tracks. I would like to be able to transfer my 10+ years of iTunes play counts into the Roon database (easily). Not sure if maybe fiddling with the database is currently an option.

You can’t change the playcount, but you can delete the playcount for any track or all tracks. In the History view select one or more tracks you want to change. In the upper right corner you’ll see an Edit button. Once you click edit, you get the option to move the playcount(s) to another profile, or delete the playcount(s).

With TIDAL the playcount lost its usefullness. TIDAL constantly removes albums and replaces them with new versions, so they have to be added again. And then all edits, tags, favourites and also the playcount is gone. As long as this is the case and I can’t rely on the consistency of the data, playcount is of no use to me, as are many editing options in ROON.

Not sure what the current behaviour is, but if Roon would leave the tracks that have been removed from TIDAL greyed out (or something similar), you could get a chance to choose which version you want to replace it with. I would also like to be able to alter the “date added” for individual tracks.

I would quite like to disable play counts all together.

Another vote. I was playing around with DSP settings and it triggered multiple plays for songs I only listened to once.

+1 vote for editable play counts. I’d also like Roon to merge the play counts from different versions of the same song. It doesn’t do me any good to know that I listened to the 44.1kHz version of a song 5 times and the 96kHz version of the same song 10 times. I want to know that I listened to that one song, in whatever file format, 15 times.