Add ... Adjust DSP settings in Android remote

Hey ROONer’s

Sometimes I have guests…for a demo on the setup…Use to do a A+B+C compare with the same track…Possible to add…Adjust DSP settings for Android Mobile remote…can do the "On and off’ switch that’s it…I have to grap the W10 PC, to adjust…
It’s NOT a big problem… just want to ask the DEV team

Corrected at 15.32…to Android Mobile version
My mobile is: One + 7 T Pro


I know I would also like to be able to adjust the DSP settings in android.

I can do this with any other player software that offers an EQ for example.

Same here, it would be great

Has nothing to do with Android. Can be done on a Android tablet (landscape display) like on the desktop but not on phones (iOS or Android – portrait display) which are not full featured remotes and editing is generally not possible. However, you can use/switch DSP Presets if this makes sense for your use case.


I typically use presets but it just takes away from the experience that you first have to create the presets on a desktop and also tweak them on a desktop.

I have Roon Remote on Android 7 DAP, but it does not let me adjust the presets. I cannot select the Audeze preset of choice for example. Any suggestions?

You have to create DSP setups including Audeze presets using tablet or PC app and save them as an overall DSP preset. Then you can load them using the DSP preset loader on mobile. You can’t change any parameters for DSP on mobile itself by design only switch the DSP on/off and switch presets.

Like this here I have added an Audeze preset set up upsampling applied headroom

this is then avalable in the DSP Preset dropdown on Mobile

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Thanks for detailed reply

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Hope it helps you. You can combine any of the DSP functions together and save as one preset. Always remember to enable headroom when using DSP to avoid any clipping.

A workaround someone told me recently is to enable developer settings on your Android device and change the maximum width setting to at least 781. This allows you to use the full roon interface but it will look small.