Add all songs from a playlist, which are not in my library to my library

I select a playlist and see all songs in this playlist
Now I want to add all songs from this playlist, which are not in my library to my library
new feature - or can this be already done?

Thanks a lot

Hi Herbert! No, I am afraid this can not be done yet, unless none of the tracks in your playlist is already in your library (in that case, select all tracks from the playlist, go to the three dots in a circle on top >> “Add to library”). It is one of the known limitations of playlist integration in Roon. For more info on the subject: Solve the library/non-library conundrum and all the complexities it creates for tagging, focus, playlists etc

thanks a lot for your quick and perfect answer

one question:

I create a tag “All playlists” 
I tagged all my playlists with this tag “All playlists” 
I switch to tags
I see all my playlists
So far so good
When I select “View all tracks” I see only tracks which are part of my library
I expected to see all tracks of my playlists, also tracks which are not part of my library
Is this an error or a wish?

thanks a lot for your time and support

Hi Herbert!
I am afraid that this is not an error, it is the result that Roon has to offer right now. Nothing less, nothing more. Only library versions of tracks in a playlist show up if you put the playlist in a tag. My personal work around: I make favorites of all my tracks in my Tidal or Qobuz playlist (in the Tidal or Qobuz app). That way, they automatically become part of the Roon library (after Roon has synced with Tidal or Qobuz, you can force this under Settings > Services > Tidal/Qobuz > Sync library now). Careful, this does not mean that the library versions of your tracks are now in your playlist. In your playlist are still the non-library versions. Next, I play the playlist entirely (and make sure that radio (see bottom of queue) is disabled). After the playlist has finished, I go to My Library > Tracks. I sort tracks by “Last played”. I select all the tracks from the playlist. These are all library versions. I put those in a new playlist. This is now a playlist with library tracks.
Difficult? Yes! Insane? Yes! Impossible if you have plenty of long playlists? Yes. But it’s the best workaround I could come up with so far.

thanks a lot for the perfect answer and Information