Add button to main screen to access queue

Can you put a dedicated button on the main screen to bring up the queue?

If you touch anywhere at the bottom of the screen it switches to the queue. Why might you want a discrete button?

Just tried this!!
If you press in the bar at the bottom it does!!
Without a user manual, I am sure there are other features I don’t know about

Huh, I thought the icon to the left of the seekbar was for the queue. Even more curious that it’s anywhere (except places where there are other icons?)

Well, quite. There’s even a Tooltip that says “View queue” when you mouse over the icon…

I’m not at home to be certain, but, by “anywhere” I of course don’t mean the other icon areas like zone, volume etc. Am pretty sure I just tap around the waveform though.

Nick, you’re correct - tapping blank space in the bottom bar is the same as tapping the View queue icon. It just seems a bit odd and superfluous…

Now you guys mention it I have found myself in the queue in the past and not realised why - maybe I missed the seek bar or something. Anyway, mystery solved, although I agree with Geoff, if theres a button for it, that should probably be where the queue comes from, not all over the place…:wink:

I usually aim for the icon in the red circle:
Is this icon supposed to represent something other than the queue?

+1 I know we have this knowledge base thing, I won’t say what I think of that because I’m so polite, but I have to say that a few guidelines to cover the basics would be lovely. Who knows what other seemingly obvious stuff Roon users are quite simply missing completely? We do not all have hours of free time to go hunting for features.

Every once in a while I yell to myself: “A knowledge Base is not a manual, it’s not a getting started user guide. It’s a collection of facts, hints, how-to’s, etc, generally unrelated, and often pertaining to obscure corners of the software under consideration.” So now I’ve said it publicly. Microsoft has a knowledge base. Would you really expect anyone to learn Windows from that pile of “stuff”? Of course not.

A good user manual connects the dots, explains the underlying mental model on which the software is based, leads the new user through the necessary tasks to get started, explains conventions, etc. It has diagrams, screen shots, an index, cross references, etc. The obscure corners are in there as well. I use the music notation program “Sibelius” now and again. It has a pretty good manual (an example is here), which at times I need. It’s a big pdf document, over 700 pages, which could be daunting. But there’s an extensive index and a visual index, in this case showing various aspects of music notation as you would see on the printed page with active links to the relevant pages. For the Roon manual, screen shots would be used instead. For immediate use, screen shots could be linked to the knowledge base, though I think the immediate result would be to see how limited and disjoint the knowledge base is.

A manual is also a pretty good sales tool.

Surely one of the Roon folk could write a pretty good initial manual in not very much time. Probably there are a number of us in the community who can, and perhaps some who have started. If it takes more than few days to get a good manual started, then that proves the point: a manual is needed. (I do recognize that good technical writing is not easy nor quick.) And if it only takes a few days to assemble one, why not just do it?

A manual is under construction, as @mike and others have mentioned before. And a good manual is not something that, IMO, would “only take a few days to assemble”. I should know, I tried writing one for my better half, and it’s still not finished…

Great news that a manual is under construction.:slight_smile: I know that it is foolish to ask for ETA’s for anything remotely related to software, but are we looking at weeks, a month or so, many months? (I am presuming not years?!)