Add CPU temp to Roon ROCK System Status page?

I searched the community a bit and it seems like the only way to check on the CPU temp for a ROCK NUC is to boot into BIOS to have a look. It’d be really nice if you could display CPU on the ROCK System Status page. I’ve migrated my i5 NUC to an Akasa Newton S7 fanless case which I have inside a vented cupboard. I think I’m ok, but sure would like to know real-time.



Having just moved to ROCK on a NUC I would agree! The fan is on all the time using BIOS defaults and that seems silly - if my MacBook (which I use constantly and used to serve up Roon and control it and output it) didn’t ever need to start its fan I don’t see my little NUC just running ROCK would need to? A status update on the server page of ROCK server would be great, then I could watch what was happening real time to be sure!

Sure would be nice to see CPU temp on the web interface. My ROCK server had been stable for ages—then I upgraded to 1.7 and everything went crazy and my NUC crashed constantly. I’m pretty sure the CPU demands of 1.7 caused thermal overload, but I have no way of knowing. I am running a fanless Akasa case…