Add Digital Concert Hall to Roon to appreciate BERLINER PHILHARMONIKER via. Roon

I am happy with this combination (Roon & HQPlayer) while appreciating my CAT musics.
Besides, I can also enjoy Digital Concert Hall via. internet, but the sound is not as good as playing musics thru my combination (Roon & HQPlayer), there’s one idea happening on my mind that maybe the sound would be better if Roon could play Digital Concert Hall musics, the Digital Concert Hall linkage path is as follow
simply register one account & login via your account then you can start appreciating BERLINER PHILHARMONIKER concerts.

Is it possible to let this idea come true?

Stephen Tai

Wikipedia on Digital Concert Hall says:

The audio is transmitted at a rate of 256 Kilobit per second, the code corresponds to stereo Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) at 48 Kilohertz.

Roon KB on Internet Radio says:

Roon can play back stations that stream in MP3 or AAC formats …

I’d suggest entering a Digital Concert Hall streaming URL as an Internet Radio Station in Roon and seeing what happens.

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There’s a feature request that discusses having a Roon Virtual Input Device which might help if it comes to fruition.

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Thanks for @andybob suggestion, but the key point is where I can loacate the Digital Concert Hall streaming URL?
Maybe write one letter to Digital Concert Hall could got this answer?
But I suppose applying Digital Concert Hall streaming URL as an Internet Radio Station then play back on roon, I will have no video to watch while playing concert, but I can sacrifice this to secure a better sound.

DCH is a subscriber service and is made for video. I doubt such a URL exists.

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I registered for the free concert and the browser fetched an aac file rather than linking to a streaming URL, so I believe @Ludwig is correct. Apologies for holding out otherwise.

The most likely way that Roon may move to include inputs of this kind is as per @Carl’s post.

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