Add file resolution information to top-level view of TIDAL albums

Have you noticed that when you browse through your Roon library that locally stored files have resolution information overlayed on the album cover art? e.g. CD, 24/96, etc.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that same information also showing on TIDAL album covers? :slight_smile:

Why? Well, some TIDAL albums are available at different resolutions but the only way to find out an albums resolution is to start playing it and check the signal path in Roon. I use different resolutions (e.g. CD instead of 24/96 MQA) depending on how flakey my internet is, or how much bandwidth the kids are taking up with YouTube, etc.

This would remove a few more steps to choosing and playing the music I want. And also further increases the tight integration of TIDAL/Roon experience.


Yes please. Bluesound have shown ‘cd’ or ‘MQA’ or neither (i.e. lower quality) for some time.


Yes, please

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No, it wouldn’t.
I’m not so obsessed with formats and numbers,
I am obsessed with music, so I would prefer a simple clean look without technical infos (no problem to get them via tooltip or context menu), like looking on one of these great old vinyl booklets.

The information overlay on album covers can already be disabled in settings so I’d assume this would apply to this feature request too.


Would be nice when browsing Tidal albums to identy which are Masters versus CD-quality ones, in process of adding best One to Library when both are available for same album.

Roon/Tidal support of MQA/High resolution audio is a market differentiator, let’s prioritize improving UX on associated use cases.

Patrick LP

+1 would really like to see this support. It is pretty frustrating trying to guess which album are the Masters in tidal.

Easy solution would be to give a visual indicator.

Ideal solution would be to have a setting that would auto play the Master if one exists

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but I’m surprised this has yet to be addressed even in the most rudimentary sense. Something… anything to differentiate between the MQA and non-MQA album versions in the Roon interface would be immensely helpful. Yeah, I know, I can open the Tidal app and favorite / playlist the (or one of) MQA version or non-MQA version.

Tidal seems to make it even worse though, as an example, Tidal makes four versions of Beck’s Mutations album available: two w/ the MQA icon. One is 24/96 and the other 24/192 with no way to tell them apart other than by playing them and checking the display on your MQA DAC. There are also two without the MQA icon, both report as 16/44.1… so who knows what the difference is between those two. Other than the MQA icon on the first two, the metadata in Tidal for all four albums is identical.

LOL, what about the night and day differences in sound quality, if you had to look on the display of your DAC to tell the differences?
You shouldn’t worry about the format so much and simply enjoy the music.

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Just started trial on roon - will not pay before i can seen the MQA files in roon. Stupid thar I can’t the high res versions. Using Bluesound to my DAC

And I don’t want to see any portion of my money for Roon going to MQA. Stupid paying for hot air. Using Roon to my network enabled amp.

Please, format visual cues and much more detailed filters. +1

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+1 it would be really helpful