Add 'Go to Composition' Option on a Composition Title Line

If you are on an Album Page, clicking on a Composition’s title line ought to reveal “Go to Composition” as one option. But it doesn’t.

It does appear when clicking on movement lines below.

I imagine this is an oversight. Thx.

Agreed, have always noticed but never reported. This must just be a slip. @mike

Want to bump this. I noticed it as well lately, it’s still not there.

heh heh. Ah Roon…ever the caterer to customers’ needs.

But it kinda does do this - if you click on the little stack of discs at the right of the composition header in the track listing for the album you get taken to the composition and all the recordings of it. Is that not what you want?

The cd stack button you are mentioning is only there if the composition is performed by more than 1 artist in your library or if you have Tidal/Qobuz connected.

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