Add Greatest Hits Radio

Hi. Could you please add the newly created UK Greatest Hits radio network to Live Radio?

It’s owned by the same people as Scala radio (Bauer) if that helps.


Done, please check

Thanks; a station is appearing and plays. It’s a network of radio stations with several local variants though. Is it possible to add all the local variants?

Also are there any higher res streams? The native Naim app seems to play a stream which it says is 112kbps for instance.

Might you be able to gleen anything from how the Scala radio station was added?

Thanks again.

Hmm. There are 42 local streams. Was there a particular one you wanted?

Higher res - OK, I’ll have another look

I was after Dorset in particular, please.

Ok. Try Greatest Hits Radio - Dorset

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That’s great! Thanks.

I think I can get local ones at higher res, but not the national one. I’ll add the others as I get time.

That would be great. The Dorset one you added used to be a station called Wessex FM (hence the ‘wessex’ in the URL I assume). I think they’re in a transition period at the moment.

I also noticed that the track details don’t appear on the Dorset feed but do on the national one. I wonder whether there are multiple local feeds? It’s not really an issue for me but just an observation.

Let me know if I can help in any way. Thanks again.

Sorry to be a pain. Could you possibly add the South Coast variant too? It’s more relevant to my area as it turns out.

South Coast seems to be down. So I can’t test streams at the moment.

I have added South West… Unfortunately I can’t find a higher res stream than 47k aac.

There is no metadata in the streams (Although they have the option). The website makes separate calls to a different site to populate that.

South Coast back up. Now added, although the only stream is 56k aac.

Thanks. Frustratingly my Cambridge Audio streamer is connected to a South Coast stream which it claims is 128kbps mp3 but I can’t see what the URL of the stream is.

Through some detective work, I’ve found that Sam FM South Coast 106 is now GH Radio South Coast (a lot of stations have been bought and rebranded).

There’s a stream for Sam FM in the Naim app which is playing GH Radio South Coast at 128kbps but again I can’t see the URL.

I’ve tried a number of sources, including your Sam references, but can’t find a 128kbps. Sorry.

I’ll try again later.

No problem. Thanks for your efforts so far!

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Is this any help?

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That says it’s for Dorset, not South Coast. Is that correct?
If it is South Coast I can add it.
And if it’s Dorset I can add it there…

That’s the South Coast one, I believe. Slightly confusingly labelled on their page.

This is the Dorset one: