Add identification for Holo May Dac

Ideally a DAC like the HOLO is separated by an endpoint that Roon talks to anyway.

I use Jussi’s HQP NAA endpoint. It would just be an icon anyway. No impact to features particularly since these are designed, dare I say intended, to be run NOS.

It’s not an issue of actual feature restriction. The DAC works fine with roon (as does any other DAC). But it’s just frustrating that the discontinued Holo DACs have identification/icons in roon, but none of the current production stuff does.


Just a thought.
Can you not just use one of the earlier dac identification with the new dac just to get an icon?
It’s what I do with my ML585, I use the ML519 identify.

Frustrating? At most it is a minor annoyance.

Hello Roon, any reaction to this?