Add identification for Holo May Dac

Super small feature request but:

Currently all of the holo spring variants are on roon, but not the latest Holo May dac.
It would be great if this could be added! Or is there perhaps a way I can edit the icon for myself to show a may instead of spring?

Hello @GoldenSound,

We’ve reached out to Holo Audio for the required assets to make this happen. Check in periodically as the device will likely be added in a background update.


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Awesome thank you!

Hiya! Just wanted to check if there was an update on when this might be added?
Alternatively, is it possible for users to in any way edit the device ID icons/names so that I could sort of bootleg it myself a bit?

I know its a minor thing, just keen to see that icon :slight_smile:

The Holo May icon was never added. When to expect?

Hi John.

Just wanted to check if you’d received any info from holo or kitsune hifi in regards to this yet?

Hoping the may identification can be added soon!

Another Holo May user here. Is the holdup on Holo’s side? Thanks.

The info for the may should all be the same. Both the may and spring have the same USB/playback capabilities.
Only real difference is the name change :stuck_out_tongue: Would be great to see this added!

Yup- lots of super-audiophiles still waiting in patient, loving hope for the addition of Holo Audio May KTE DAC to the Roon device library!


Heya, has there been any update on when this might be added? Been almost 2 years with no news :frowning:


Wow. Silence is… golden? Such an impressive lack of acknowledgement; it takes real focus to not respond to something so assiduously.

+1 waiting for this. I will keep breathing though as I do, I know better than to do otherwise.

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The Spring 3 isn’t there either - even if the icon is the same.

Another Roon user waiting, hoping, fingers crossed for Holo May DAC identification in Roon.

My understanding is that for this to happen, Halo Audio must first send a Holo May DAC to Roon Labs for testing. The DAC will not be returned after testing is complete.

It could be that Holo Audio decided not to make the investment.

DACs don’t need to be tested or certified. I wouldn’t send an expensive DAC just to get the right name and graphic in Roon.

Is there a way for a user to enter plain text and choose the same icon?

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