Add more control over RAAT devices

just spent half an hour struggling to get why nothing was coming out of my Aries when in RAAT mode
(all was fine if used standalone)

then I finally found Aries’ output set to to “digital” (nothing connected there) instead of USB :confused:
(still don’t get how music was playing nonetheless with Aries in standalone mode)

no idea how the output change happened (everything was fine yesterday and I did not touch a thing in the while)

anyway… would be great having access from within Roon to RAAT devices output options :slight_smile:
(guess you have to work with manufacturers for this happen :frowning: )


I just posted a related request over on the PS Audio forum requesting that Roon be able to control the Phase inversion switch on the DirectStream (or DS Jr.). If so, I could probably leave the DAC remote control permanently in the drawer.

[Edit: additional features such as controlling the digital filter settings with a HifiBerry or IQAudIO RPi DAC Hat (both Roon Ready) without having to ssh into the RPI would also be welcome as another among many potential examples.]

I’m not sure if capabilities such as source switching (as Paolo requested) or phase inversion are controlled by what the DAC manufacturer allows over Roon control vs what functionalities/commands RoonBridge/RoonReady software is currently equipped to send.

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I think the player app should be able to control the whole audio path
or at least all of its main options

definitely cooperation from manufacturers is required

let’s hope it can be done

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