Add next or queue?

Am I missing something?

If I search for and find a track I want to play then click add next - it is next in the queue

If I click add to queue - it is next in the queue, it does not go to the end of the queue.

How do I make a track go to the end of the queue as opposed to just playing next?

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Add Next means that the track selected is played next. Queue adds the selected track to the end of the queue.

Note: Queue (18.29) is when the track is played.

You can add more than one at a time and build a queue, that’s when it’s relevant. You can then slid your choices up and down as you like.

I saw this conversation and I am having the same apparent issue;

If I click add to queue - it is added next in the queue, it does not go to the end of the queue.

This does not always happen as sometime it will go to the end of the queue.
I cannot however work out why most of the time the track I add goes to the Next position not the end.
The add to queue icon correctly displays the queue time left.

Any ideas on this issue as it has only recently started?

How many are in the queue when this happens?

If you have shuffle on then any track selected will be placed randomly in the queue. With shuffle off they are added to the end.

That’s it! The shuffle. Did not realize it was on.
Thanks for that info.
Most appreciated.

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Ohmygosh, at last I understand my thinking has been all wrong. I expected it to play next album, not next track.

I never listen by track. I always listen by album. How do I build a queue based on a sequence of albums?

Click the dropdown section of the Play Now button and select Queue as follows:

This will append the album to your queue.

I finally found some documentation though, maddeningly, I can’t find it again. It stated that both “add next” and “queues” were devoted to tracks. That “add next” clears the queue and literally means play this track next while queue adds to the end of the queue. Both commands are devoted to tracks, not albums, at least that what I remember reading.

I would think there would be something similar for albums, but no, the only thing I’ve discovered so far is to go the main menu and scroll down to “My Stuff” then “Playlists” and create playlist.

Just go to albums, pick one and play. Then find next album and add to queue…

Select the album, three dot mebu appears. Hit tge three dots. Play now replaces the queue, play next insets the entire album after the next track, queue adds to the end of the queue.