Add Ö1 in digital quality

Dear Brian,
please be so kind and add Ö1 in DD quality, bc there is only a poor mp3 stream with 192kbs available.
Tx a lot Anton

Hello @Anton_Ebner1 , I’m afraid I can’t - the 192k is the best quality available. It’s the same as the website provides and I haven’t been able to find a better one.

Being Austrian, this made me courious …

I found a website with Information about this (in German):
Österreich 1 neu hören -

There are two links for a DASH and HLS stream at the bottom of the page, both https:

They seem to offer a 5.1 Sourround Stream, but say it’s only for certain broadcasts. I just tried the HLS link in MusicBee, it seems to broadcast the same program as the regular OE1/92.0 FM Stream. Stream qualitiy is shown as 256kB. Those links don’t work with roon and I have no clue about the content of the downloadable streaming files.

No further experience on this matter, sorry …

They are indeed multi-channel (enhanced ac-3), but I’m afraid Roon can’t deal with them.

Learning something new every day :smiley: Thanks for the information, @BrianW

192kbps for two channels may have better quality than 256kbps for 5 channels.

Dolby Digital / Dolby Digital Plus / AC3 / EAC3 are also lossy.

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