Add Option for Compact Mode for Roon 1.8

Completely agree with this frustration - please, please can we at least have the “Allow for more covers and photos” option back? Doesn’t seem like a big ask to restore something that many of us found helpful in 1.7.


I design websites for a living and with that, have training in UI and UX. Based on the world I come from, the designers of 1.8 have done a beautiful job.

I guess one man’s wasted space is another’s sanctuary - space to allow a busy mind to think clearly, relax and enjoy the music.


I agree with your sentiment, and it’s one that works for some of the pages in Roon, but not all of them. For example, while I’m listening to a particular album - and enjoying the music - then it’s a definite bonus. But when I’m looking for a specific album on the albums page, or in a discography, having to scroll more often is just annoying. My ‘busy mind’ would be better soothed if I could scan a screen with more albums rather than less.


So I guess we are requesting our problem with the wrong terminology? we need a business GUI.

It actually makes sense, we need a GUI that gets right down to business.

Beautiful! :hugs:

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Get a infinite scroll mouse spin then click to stop.

I’ don’t understand people that think their phone is the only way to control EVERYTHING! It’s a phone people…ya know meant for PHONE CALLS…to badger Roon to make allowances for controlling Roon is ridiculous! Buy a cheap tablet and use that for cryin out loud! STOP YOUR WHINING!!!


We’re in 2021.

Your Point??? Yep it’s 2021…figure out a better way…cause it surely is available!

I’ve already made it.

Perhaps you misunderstood what I said, and I wasn’t whining. Agreed phones are phones mainly, and the only time I would use it to control Roon is if my other devices are not near.

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no idea why my post was moved here (and, btw, before many older ones re “show more albums” now available in v778) :no_mouth:

my “feature request” was for a re-thinking of 1.8 UI, clearly designed with just phones and smaller control devices in mind



… not even having a clue about what “responsive” is/how to properly do it? :no_mouth:

oh, please: most of 1.8’s space waisting is because of elements placed with just a phone, and portrait mode, in mind! :roll_eyes:

oh and… a mix of HUGE and tiiiiiiny fonts probably inspired by some “creative” graphic design dating back in the '60s. sometimes they come back :rofl: