Add "Periods" to Focus in Albums view

From what I understand, the “Periods” focus tag exists only in “Composers” or “Compositions” views.
This addition would be very nice to all classical music lovers that would like to see all their Baroque or Medieval or Romantic albums, for instance.

In general, any additional Focus tag customization would be a nice addition to the “albums” view.

Thank you for considering this post and for developing such a great piece of software.

Best regards


An interesting idea. The watch-out here is that an album can (and quite often will) span multiple periods. So while it would make sense for this Danish String Quartet album to show up in Modern, Romantic, and Baroque, if you just wanted to put on some Baroque by filtering albums by period, and then select this album you’re in for a surprise!

There are several requests related to period, mine is a bit different, but this seemed like a good place to start. I am very new but I have read through the user guide and the forums searching for information on period and I can’t seem to find what I want.

I am mostly a classical listener so this may not be interest to others. Classical is shown as a Genre and that makes sense, Classical is also a period. In fact, Wikipedia has 5 sub-periods for classical. In each of the periods, they identify composes for that period. The same is true for romantic, baroque, etc. Because of the hierarchical structure of genre, I had thought of making a suggestion there, but that would be confusing. I did this in my JRiver Media Center Catalog I am now converting to Roon. In an ideal world, I would like:

  1. Create a period attribute that could also be hierarchical just as you have with genre.

  2. Populate the period attribute with the information I referenced in Wikipedia (or some better source if there is one. I am using the word attribute since I could not find a tag/field identified in the IDv3 listing.

  3. Populate the classical attribute based on the composer information.

  4. Enable selection/filtering/sorting on this just as there is with other items.

There are other details, but this gives the idea. If this is already dealt with or found elsewhere please let me know.


I second this suggestion!