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Hallo everyone,

I‘m a newbee and I need some help:

How can I add an image to my profile? There is a button „paste URL from clipboard“. How does ist work?

Greetings from Germany!

If I remember correctly you go to preferences, Profile Picture, edit image pencil icon, select Custom Picture then upload image from the device your on.

Sounds like the paste URL from clipboard would work if you have copied a photo link.

Hello Mike,
thank you for your fast answer!

How can I get the the Photo link?

Simply copy the photo in the photo app on the IPad and paste does not work. There is the error message: „failed to load image from clipboard“

Hello @Ralf_Bottcher, I assume you are talking about your Roon profile picture, not the forum avatar?

If so, this is slightly awkward. The URL needs to be a proper http:// type, not a local file: . Thus you need to get your picture onto the internet somehow.

Searching the forum I see that one roundabout method is

Hello Brian,

I‘ll try it when I have 4 hours of free time😅

Thank you! Stay healthy!

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It didn’t actually take four hours to do it. That was the total time required for me to find the solution and upload a photo. You could do it in 10 minutes now that you have the instructions.

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Hallo Mike,
of course it was a joke😂.
Thank you for your help, ist worked!

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If you use a pc or Mac, then you can browse, or drag and drop, but a tablet/iPad is awkward.

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