Add Radio Stations

Please add KVSC 88.1 FM out of Minnesota, Radio-on-Berlin and Radio Suisse Classique (links below) to our available stations. Thank you

Radio Swiss Classic DE

added, please check. (Swiss classic EN and FR already there).
Can you tell me if Radio-on Berlin carries adverts? There is very little information about the station.

I’ve not heard an ad when listening to Radio-On, but can’t say for sure. It often cuts out on me, and I was hoping you could find a better link for Roon.

Thanks for adding KVSC, which works fine. I do see Swiss Classical (FR) but not the English choice. At least not when I search for “Swiss Classic” or “Swiss Classical”

And thank you for your help. I love listening to radio programs on my Nucleus Plus.

Radio-on: There doesn’t appear to be another link. Tunein uses the same one.

You should be able to see Radio Swiss Classic EN

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