Add radiostation to Tune-In

I’m trying to find somebody who have autorisation for adding a radiostation tot the Tune-In directory and is willing to do that for me. Since a few weeks I’m volunteering as a DJ for a non-profit radiostation in The Netherlands. There will be a second station I join starting 1-1-2024. Since Tune-In does not allow non-US members to add stations I hop to find somebody who is willing to add my stations. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance from an enthousiast Roon user.

I realize this post is a bit offtopic but I’m a bit desperate :frowning: I have a non-profit internet radiostation (partially powered by Roon!). I would like to add this station to the TuneIn directory but TuneIn doesn’t allow non-US members to add stations. Is there a fellow-Roon-curator with autorisation to add stations to TuneIn willing to help me?

Thanks in advance! Best wishes from The Netherlands!