Add Shairport for Airplay

Hi @DrCWO Is their anyway to get rooExtend to support Airplay1/2 as an input using Shairport? I am really keen to to be able to use you RooADI but cant currently use it as this zone needs to support Airplay as well I understand you use Dietpi as the underlying OS so it should be easy to add as its part of their supported apps?

Just get rooPlay. With this you can stream from any Apple device to Roon.

From LP, CD And IPhone To Roon (

Best DrCWO

thats the input thing into Roon I dont want that I just want it as an Airplay client. I dont want the delay as its from my computer to my speakers that I use to edit.

I still don’t understand. What’s your exact setup? From where to what do you want to transmit Airplay?

I want to be able to Airplay to a Shairport client on the pi So I can output my Macs system output for work stuff or watching videos via YouTube. Its how I use it now with DietPi. I use Roon Bridge on it for Roon and Shairport to play from others apps on my phone or mac. I dont want it routed via Roon. Dietpi can run many different audio clients, such as Roon, Squeezelite, MPD, Shairport, I even have PlexAmp on my one as well. Makes the pi a more universal streamer and not just for Roon. As they are all part of Dietpis software installs would be good to offer these as well.

Ok, now I understand :+1:

Since I make software for Roon, it was never my desire to offer a universal streamer with rooExtend.

What I can offer is to get you the rooExtend credentials and you can do with it whatever you like.
But be warned. Updateing Dietpi with its default procedures will break rooExtend.

If you like to go this way please e-mail me at I don’t want to see credentials in the forum.

Best DrCWO

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Okay thanks. Is there a trial period for me to test out RoonADI?

Sorry no. beta testing is over for this module since some time.
You can get the one year subscription and cancle that.

Best DrCWO

You dont support a now playing screen on the official screen do you?