Add support to audioscrobbling and/or listening history import

Please add support for audioscrobbling. Many people use + scrobbling for a very long time.

I started using around 2005. This means I have quite a listening history in my profile.
Therefore it would be great to:

  1. Scrobble listened tracks from the Roon app
  2. Importing the listening history from would be great. I can imagine you devs could do some algorithmic magic with that data to determine favorite artists, album etc.

Thanks for reading .

Your first request is here already… But cunningly hidden, I must admit. :wink:

When you click on your Profile picture on the Overview screen, you can fill out your LastFM details at the bottom of the popup:

Scrobble away! (And don’t forget to join the Roon LastFM group…)

Scrobbling is already there. Look in your profile.

Ah great! Thanks RBM.

check out the Roon group in too :wink:

Hi, this is already support, just go to your Roon user profile and click the edit pencil.
From there you can enter your LastFM account details.
Note you can do this for each Roon user individually.

#2 Sounds very interesting

I really like that idea, it sounds very interesting… but I suspect it would be quite tricky to implement … that’s a challenge for the Roon guys.