Add the recording date (possibly also venue) to the Now Playing bar

I’m somewhat amazed that I didn’t notice this earlier myself (still a bit overwhelmed by all the newness to me of Roon) but there is a hugely important bit of information missing from the Now Playing Bar: The recording date!!!

I have already posted a feature request to add the Composer to the Now Playing Bar. Someone reacted to that post with the remark that I could easily click on the Now Playing Bar to get to see the rest of the Now Playing screen, and he has a point in sofar that the Composer information is only one click away, although I still think it’s essential to have all relevant information available “at one glance” because it can very well be that I’m using the remainder of the Roon Remote screen space to browse though my collection in some way or other (Album view, Track view, Composition view…)
Anyway, my point here is that the recording date can only be found on the Album page. And I know that’s also just a click away (a click on the album cover suffices) but as I said I I’d like to be able to get this info at one glance.

I am listening to Roon Radio at the moment and it serves me a nice selection of my art songs. So I constantly go to the Roon Remote to see what and who it is I’m hearing. And then a quick glance at the Now Playing Bar should suffice to not only find out the name of the song and who sings it, but also when this particular performance wa recorded. Because then I can roughly calculate how old the singer was at the time, to name just one tiny detail. (Age is very defining factor in a singer’s voice quality)

Finding out who sings is also a bit of a problem when more singers are active on one Lieder album, since only the amassed list of performers that perform on the album is shown in the Now Playng view:

In the above example one could argue that I’m hearing a male voice singing and so it cannot possibly be Cheryl Studer, but there are of course lots of situations where this is far less obvious! (and I don’t want to have to play Sherlock)

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You are on what is known as the Now Playing display. It is intentionally uncluttered. The information you seek is available from the Album view.

Also, it’s not possible to browse from the Now Playing screen without closing it anyway (note the X top-left.) The usual play bar is much smaller.

We clearly do not agree on this. The Now Playing bar need not become more cluttered if smart use is made of the available space and if unnecesary Album info is left out. Take for instance the “Performed by” line. It contains all (main) performers on Album level while it should only show those performers that perform on track level.

This I don’t understand. If anything, your statement would be an underpinning of my argument that all relevant information should indeed be available from the Now Playing bar.

Clearly you don’t understand the purpose of the Now Playing screen. This may be cast to a TV or presented on a 6" display; it’s a quick visual cue of what is playing with quick access to artist and release information plus lyrics. You can’t navigate from here: either close the screen or click through to the album page. Note that the information you are requesting is above the fold and not part of what you call the “now playing bar”.

If you want to browse, view details for the release or discover new music use the Album screen. That’s what is intended.